Scheduling Policy

Please text our in regards to scheduling an appointment.


Text: (628) 230-1518

A text reminder will be sent to you 48 hours ahead before your appointment.

Cancellation Policy

If there is a need for rescheduling or canceling a service, a 24-hour notice is required to notify us.

Late Policy

Because of our tight schedule, we kindly ask our clients to arrive on time. Should you be running late, we will hold your appointment for 15 minutes, provided we hear from you. If you think you will be running late, please make sure to notify us ahead of time.

Refunds / Returns

All services and products are nonrefundable.

Reactions and Sensitivities

​If you currently are experiencing a reaction from lashes applied at another salon or have had a reaction to adhesive or lashes in the past, we will unfortunately not be able to conduct any services on you. Written permission from a physician is required to proceed with any future services.