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At Vera Beauty Salon Lash & Brow, we aim to transform your eyes with lashes that are unique to you,We care about your needs and make it our goal to create the exact look you desire.

Our team of multitalented eyelash artists who strives to go the distance to deliver superior results, with discipline and passion providing each individual client with safe and effective eyelash treatment. They are very dedicated in exceeding their client's expectations by exhibiting their talent, skills and hard work.

Vera Beauty Salon is dedicated to offering our beauty clients a range of products and truly gorgeous eyelashes developed to enhance and provide a renewed sense of confidence. We welcome the opportunity to serve you and earn your trust!

Eyelash Extension Memberships

Memberships to Keep You Looking Great

Our membership packages are an amazing way to save money on your eyelash extensions. Keep those lashes looking great all year long while saving yourself money in return. We offer different packages based on the look and type of eyelash you prefer. With regular visits, you can be sure your eyelashes will turn heads wherever you go.

As a member, you’ll receive discounts on our services and lash aftercare products — which, as you know, is the secret to keeping your lashes looking as beautiful as you. With three different options to choose from, you’re sure to find the right option to keep you and your lashes happy.


You will become our member automatically When you :

Buy 5 times eyelashes service packages

Buy 10 times eyelashes service packages get 10%off

No membership fee

Appointment can be made via text message . All confirmations are sent via text message,Thank you.

The Benefits

1, Enjoy membership price

2, Birthday Day can get extra 10%off.

3, 5% off ALL retail - save on your skincare & makeup products

4,Buy 10 get 10% off :Buy 10 times eyelash extnesions get 10 %off ,save more money!keep beautiful!

Eyelashes service are permitted to upgrade to a different application type at an appointment for an additional fee paid at the time of service.

All Packaged and memberships are non-transferable, non-refundable, and may not be shared.

CLASSIC SET 1 hour —1 hour 30 mins

Beautiful lightweight high-quality lashes are used and applied individually, one lash extension per one natural lash. Whether it's for a special occasion or daily wear, natural lash extensions will open up your eyes and give you that mascara look without the hassle of applying mascara.

Regular Membership

Full set (60-80lashes ) $ 149 $129

2 weeks refill (in 14 Days) $ 69 $ 59

3 weeks refill (15– 21 Days) $ 109 $ 89

4 weeks refill (22–28 Days) $ 129 $109

New Client Touch-up $ 119 $ 99

FULL CLASSIC SET 1 hour 30 mins —2 hour

The Fuller Set is the process of adhering 1 lash extension to each existing natural lash. There by extending the length and curl of your natural lashes. This look is great for those with a good amount of natural lashes but wants a longer and more fuller look.

Regular Membership

Fuller set (100-120 lashes) $ 169 $149

2 weeks refill (in 14 Days) $ 89 $ 79

3 weeks refill (15– 21 Days) $ 129 $109

4 weeks refill (22–28 Days) $ 149 $129

New Client Touch-up $ 139 $119

HYBRID SET 1 hour 30 mins —2 hours

Our signature set! A mixture of natural and volume sets are applied to each lash, creating a fluffy but still natural look. Hybrid set are a combination of both Classic and Volume Techniques. This is a great option if you have sparse natural lashes and would like to fill in gaps and add some volume.

Regular Membership

Full set (120-140 lashes) $ 189 $159

2 weeks refill (in 14 Days) $ 99 $ 89

3 weeks refill (15– 21 Days) $ 139 $ 119

4 weeks refill (22–28 Days) $ 169 $139

New Client Touch-up $ 159 $129

VOLUME SET 2 hours —2 hour 30 mins

Volume Lash Extension is the process of joining multiple lightweight lash extensions together, forming a fan. These fans are then attached to each natural lash. This technique provides a very full and glamorous, yet realistic look. Every volume fan is handmade and customized specifically for the length and strength of the natural lash it is adhered to.

Regular Membership

Full set (200-300 lashes ) $ 219 $179

2 weeks refill (in 14 Days) $ 109 $ 99

3 weeks refill (15– 21 Days) $ 159 $129

4 weeks refill (22–28 Days) $ 189 $149

New Client Touch-up $ 179 $139


Mega Volume method is the lightest lash to make a fan with up to 10-20 lash extensions to your natural eyelash. Bold and beautiful lashes which definitely lives up to its “Mega” name, and creates a super full and glamorous look, giving you the biggest possible wow factor! Think: red carpet, lush and loud!

Regular Membership

Full set (up 500 lashes ) $ 269 $ 229

2 weeks refill (in 14 Days) $ 139 $ 119

3 weeks refill (15– 21 Days) $ 199 $ 169

4 weeks refill (22–28 Days) $ 229 $ 189

New Client Touch-up $ 219 $ 179


Lash Lift enhances the appearance of your natural lashes by perming your lashes upward for a natural curl & darkens the lashes for maximum results! Results may vary depending on the length of your natural lashes. Results last anywhere between 4-6 weeks.

Regular Membership

Lash Lift $ 109 $ 99

Eyelash Removal $ 39 $ 35

Eyelash Spa $ 35 $ 29

Refill Policy for Existing Clients

**Refill appointments are scheduled by weeks based on the first day of the previous appointment:

2 week Refill (8th - 14th Day)

60% of lashes remaining required

3 week Refill (15th - 21st Day)

40% of lashes remaining required

4 week Refill (22nd - 28th Day)

30% of lashes remaining required

A new set would be considered if passed the 28th day period.

If client returns with lashes below our requirement guideline during the refill service,

it will be considered as a different week of refills depending on the amount of lashes remaining.

For example:

2 week less than 60% would considered as a 3 week refill.

3 week with less than 40% would considered as a 4 week refill.

Client returning for refills with less than 20% lashes will also consider as a new set.

New Client Touch-up Policy

** New clients from another salon are welcome to enjoy the touch-up services at Vera Beauty Salon with a discounted rate. Please note that your existing eyelash extensions from another salon must be done within 2 – 3 week period and have at least 50% lashes remaining to receive the promotional price. This offer cannot be applied to the service for lashes that exceed 3 weeks or less than 50% of lashes remaining, otherwise, a new set would be considered.

** Refill services are for existing clients only, for pricing for our new clients with existing lashes from another salon, please refer to our New Client Touch up service.

Please text our in regards to scheduling an appointment.

TEXT:628-230-1518 (By Appointment Only.)

Appointment can be made via text message . All confirmations are sent via text message,Thank you.